Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is the Empowered Fe Fes & DIVAS first experience with using modern dance to express their views about domestic violence among women and girls with disabilities.

The girls are taking ownership of this anti-violence project by selecting dance movements, dialogue, and music that keeps it real about their stories of pain and survival.

All of the women and girls have their unique style of dance; Nina Singleton's and Jacquelyn Thomas' passionate and exaggerated dance movements tell survival stories of women and girls who have taken back their power.

Brittany King, Marcy Peters, Faith Finley, Candace Coleman, and Jody Thomas use quiet but powerful movements to express the silent screams of women whose lives have been impacted by violence.

Dawn Ramsey, Kenyatta Murray, Mayra Puma and Precious Cantrell Jones use elegant and powerful upper body movements to send a strong message; that women & girls who ambulate with wheelchairs are not victims. Their wheelchairs are vehicles of strength.

Quotes and interviews from the Empowered Fe Fes and DIVAS coming soon.

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